Would you like the POWER to capture attention and manipulate the minds of your website visitors?

If you've got plenty of traffic and your niche site is STILL not making money, then this is the FASTEST way to increase sales WITHOUT more links. 

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There’s a secret conversion trick top affiliate SEOs use to generate thousands of dollars worth of sales from a single site.

Just like this one....

Can you imagine having complete freedom to work when you want, how you want, and from where you want? It's the reason most people start building affiliate or lead gen sites in the first place.

The top SEO and affiliate marketing experts know something that you don't. And there's a reason these guys can turn any website they touch into pure gold... generating thousands of dollars in passive-income from a single lead gen or offer site.

Whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny that guys like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, and even loud-mouthed Alex Becker know how to make money online.

Whether you agree with their tactics or not, it's hard to argue with the numbers - these guys know how to get people to buy.

If you’re ranking your affiliate site or lead generation site with SEO, then you already know how difficult it can be to find a profitable niche.

You spend countless tedious hours digging into keywords and competitor research hoping… praying… that you’ve picked a niche where you can beat out the top competitors on page 1...

...and hopefully you’ve chosen an offer that will actually sell once you finally get there.

And I'm sure you've already got a solid ranking and conversion strategy -  integrating top tips from industry experts on how to optimize your content and website into your on-page strategy.

You might have already bought a paid press release, purchased a solid pack of social signals from a reputable provider, and lined up a clever collection of PBN links pointing toward your homepage and internal pages.

You’ve checked and double checked that your anchor text profile isn’t over-optimized -- and your site may even have already hit page 1!

If you got all that sorted, then you’ll have some serious traffic flowing into your site from relevant, buyer-focused keywords.


If you're worried that you’ve chosen a bad niche, or that you picked an offer that doesn’t convert, or that your money site is a TOTAL FLOP - don’t throw in the towel just yet!

Here’s the REAL reason your money site is BLEEDING cash - and it’s not your PBN links!

You can quickly and easily DOUBLE YOUR SALES on your money site with this one simple conversion tactic.

This is how successful affiliate marketing and lead generation pro's like Gregory Ortiz, Matt Diggity, Neil Patel, Dino Gomez, and Daryl Rosser skyrocket their profits and turn new affiliate sites into a money-making machines that generate $500…. $1000… even $2500 per month from a single offer on a single website.

How do they do it?

How do these industry leaders create profitable affiliate sites that capture thousands of dollars every single month in sales?

They do it by paying extra close attention to the one thing that most SEOs completely ignore.

If you’re not making at least $1,000 /mo from your affiliate site, then you need the secret conversion trick that top affiliate SEOs and your competitors don’t want you to know.

And guess what... it has NOTHING to do with your PBN links or the color of your “buy” button.

This is the fastest and easiest way to increase sales WITHOUT more links.

I’m going to show you the simplest and quickest way to convert more of your relevant website traffic using sneaky persuasion tactics that leverage the science of buyer psychology.

Sound complicated?
It’s not.

The world’s best advertisements and marketing copywriters use these tricks all the time to entice people to buy, sign up, or surrender tons of personal information.

In fact - you probably fall for these tricks all the time yourself!

The best part is... It’s so freaking easy!

You might be skeptical. I get it.

You might be thinking: “Who is this chick raving on the internet about secret tricks that will answer all of my affiliate site and lead gen problems”

You may even think that I’m some shyster trying to scam you out of of your hard earned cash.

Before you tune out or click away because you think this is just another online rant - let me quickly tell you why you'll regret not reading a bit more.

Take 3 minutes to read this and you can easily double your sales. 

I’m a professional copywriter and digital marketer who became
fascinated with SEO and lead generation a few years ago.
I decided to get into affiliate marketing and client SEO, and found it easy to get people to sign up for my services or buy the products I was promoting.

One thing I noticed
a lot of my SEO friends really struggled to make sales on their affiliate sites or find new SEO clients easily.

I couldn’t figure out why it was so easy for me to get tons of new business while my friends - who are intelligent and talented professionals - found it so difficult.

My friends began asking me for help - and after looking over their websites again and again - I finally figured out what the problem was.

I realized that to be great in SEO, you need to develop and follow proven systems that work.

You need to fully immerse yourself in a technical and analytical mindset that can read between the lines of complicated statistics and trends.

When you’re burying your brain in systems and analytics, it’s very difficult to be empathetic and creative at the same time

-- both of which are critical to making a deep personal connection with your prospects and website visitors so you can convert them into new customers.

Did you catch that last part? You've GOT to make a deep personal connection with your readers if you want to capture their attention and get them to buy from you -- something many SEOs ignore because they're too focused on keywords and statistics. 

After helping several friends out with their client SEO sites and affiliate sites, I realized there was a HUGE gap in the market for someone who could write enticing sales copy that converts browsers into buyers, and who ALSO understands the technical nuances of SEO and on-site optimization.

here are very few people who can walk the fine line between creating website content that search engines like Google want to see - AND that speaks directly to the deepest core desire of readers and prospects.

I know from years of studying the power of influence and buyer psychology that people do business with people they know, like, and trust

- so if you’re not building a deep personal relationship with new visitors to your site, you’re going to lose them.

So I used my years of marketing experience to develop a system designed SPECIFICALLY for my SEO friends who needed help making more money through their websites.

The results were unbelievable

Jason S.

OUR CONVERSION RATE MORE THAN DOUBLED on [our lead generation site] from that last bit of copy you created. We will continue to use your service when we need well-written copy. Thanks for filling a badly needed hole in the industry!!

Jason S., 5 Tales

My friends started sending me messages telling me their conversions were increasing 80%... 95%... even 162% higher once they published my new SEO-optimized conversion content!

It was so freaking exciting to help hard-working entrepreneurs double, and even triple the amount of sales they were getting from their current traffic.

But even more exciting….

The new conversion content not only increased sales, but it increased rankings too!

They were thrilled when their organic rankings increased as well as their conversions!

I’ve helped both friends and clients create TONS of content for their affiliate and lead generation websites and I’ve drilled these content optimization strategies into my head again, and again, and again -- dozens of times -- so I knew EXACTLY how to craft the content so that it was optimized for their readers, but also for their target keywords.

Increased engagement turned into increased rankings… which turned into even more relevant visitors… which turned into even MORE sales… you get the idea.

This same system can help you transform your affiliate site or lead generation website into a profitable, money-making machine.

Over the past 5 years I’ve managed marketing and sales for several successful ventures - including a full-time client SEO company, profitable affiliate sites, a $5 Million software corporation, and my own digital marketing agency.

I’ve helped my coaching students increase their relevant organic traffic more than 150%, and helped friends, fellow entrepreneurs, and clients more than TRIPLE THEIR CONVERSIONS.

Please understand, I detest bragging… so I don’t say this to toot my own horn.

In fact.. I absolutely hate talking about my achievements and MUCH prefer to make money and build businesses quietly.

I believe that talk is cheap, and the only thing that REALLY talks is results.

The only reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to know that you can trust that these strategies will improve conversions and help you make more sales and more profits on your money site.

I’m telling you these things because I want you to know that it’s SO EASY TO MAKE MONEY THROUGH YOUR AFFILIATE OR LEAD GENERATION WEBSITE!

I’ve used these sneaky persuasion tactics myself to sell thousands of dollars worth of affiliate products for myself and my clients.

In fact, this is the exact system I’ve used to flip MULTIPLE affiliate sites on Empire Flippers and other online marketplaces at more than 20x multiple!

And my content has even helped my clients rank and flip affiliate sites for 6-figures.

Want to take advantage of my years of marketing experience and knowledge to quickly and easily make more money through your website?

You can use this same strategy to transform your tired money site into a wildly successful cash machine.

Matt Diggity


Rachel and her team are my go-to source for great conversion content and sales copywriting. They make my life easy by delivering content that's already optimized for my main keywords, and I'm always impressed with their turn-around time. These guys have filled a huge gap in the market. I highly recommend them if you need optimized content for your money sites. We've also used them for top-tier copywriting and they always deliver great work.

Matt Diggity, Diggity Marketing and Leadspring Launchpad

Ok here's the important part... I charge anywhere from $1200-$3000 per page for top-tier sales copywriting that I write myself - but I know that dropping that kind of cash on a new mini-site isn’t always a viable option…

...so I knew when creating this system I knew that I couldn’t personally create all this conversion copy myself if we were going to offer this to more than just close friends.

So I’ve scoured my personal network of internet marketers and hand-selected a team of very talented marketing writers.

I’ve spent time training each of these writers in the secrets of buyer psychology and effective persuasion tactics.

I’ve also taught them everything I know about on-site SEO optimization - so that they can deliver PREMIUM SEO OPTIMIZED CONVERSION COPY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re publicly offering this SEO-optimized copy that converts … and we’re offering it at an extremely low discount as a test for a limited time.

Trent Brownrigg

Rachel is a copywriter of the highest caliber! I've hired hundreds of writers over the years for all types of different projects, and none have ever compared to Rachel. She was recommended to me by someone I trust very much and I am incredibly happy it happened. I give her my highest recommendation and will be hiring her many more times from now on!

Trent Brownrigg, Be Always Marketing (BAM)

This is 100%, high quality conversion copy that is...

  • Written by native English speakers who are real-live marketing professionals trained in buyer psychology and proven persuasion tactics.
  • Endorsed by successful SEOs and industry leaders
  • Zero effort for you - it’s completely delivered ready to publish, convert and rank. When you come to us and say you want us to make your site’s content “better” - we actually know what you mean and what to do.
  • Much more affordable than normal sales copywriting that usually averages between $600-$1000 per page - thanks to the new system and intense training our team of writers goes through - we’re able to deliver premium sales copy at a fraction of this price.
  • Supported by incredible customer service and a money-back guarantee to make sure you get EXACTLY what you need.
  • Tailored to the “voice” of your market and your website - so your prospects know that you’re speaking their language and so that you’re digging into their deepest core desires. People do business with those who they know, like and trust - so we’ll make sure your prospects feel like you “get” them.
  • Already on-page optimized for your target keywords using proven, industry-recognized on-site optimization tactics… including your titles, headings, topical relevance and keyword density.
  • Backed by an SEO professional who understands the technical nuances of SEO - having ranked, profited, and sold various affiliate and lead generation sites in competitive niches - and also is well-versed in both local and national client SEO.
  • Completely protected by our confidentiality and privacy guarantee - we promise to NEVER share information about your business, niche, keywords, website or anything else. Your investment is safe with us.
  • Delivered at an incredible turn-around time so you can publish your new optimized sales content quickly and start making more money immediately, without the fluff. You won’t find any “content farm” spun content here!

If you’ve already got great relevant traffic coming in to your website, then publishing the RIGHT content to your website will have sales and profits flooding in on autopilot.

It’s sounds unbelievable, but I’ve seen this in action for myself and so have dozens of my SEO friends.

You can dramatically increase the amount of money you’re making simply by publishing SEO-optimized conversion copy that is specifically designed to convert browsers into buyers.

If you’ve got the right amount of relevant traffic coming in, you can quickly and easily transform those new visitors into hundreds… even thousands of dollars every month from a single website.

Joel Smith

I've been working with Rachel for around 6 months. Her professionalism and quality of work is second to none. She's delivered a lot of SEO optimized conversion content for my affiliate sites, developed all of the copy for the homepage of one of my main businesses in a very competitive market, and created a custom Ebook which I use as a lead magnet and opt-in incentive.

Not only am I extremely pleased with the quality of content she is producing, but her customer service is also excellent. I've worked with many copywriters in the past but Rachel is the best by far!

Joel Smith, Listy Digital

You can get Premium SEO Conversion Content that's completely optimized for your target keywords at an extremely low discount for a limited time.

Here's how to get a huge discount on your first order:

After I started helping my friends improve their website copy so it converted dramatically higher - we discovered that we had found the secret to creating wildly successful affiliate sites. It went out of control!

Higher conversions from sales copywriting + Better on-site SEO optimization = Higher rankings.

Higher rankings = more relevant traffic = better on-page engagement = MORE conversions, which = even HIGHER RANKINGS….

...You get the idea. It’s a no brainer.

Soon the word was out, and more and more Internet marketers and SEOs kept asking me to create optimized conversion content for their websites.

I used the same knowledge and strategies I knew worked every single time to teach a few select writers on my team a secret system for how to produce this high-quality optimized conversion content.

This means that - even though the content is premium sales copy - we don’t have to charge premium prices.

And for a VERY limited time, you can get this premium optimized sales copy at an even LOWER price since we’re offering special discount that we're running just as a test. 

These prices are only available with an exclusive discount code, and our roster for the next 4 weeks is filling up fast - so if you’re on the fence about publishing this conversion sales copy to your site - don’t wait.

Here's How To Order:

It's so easy! Simply choose the package below that best fits your needs and use this exclusive discount code:


As soon as you checkout you’ll be redirected to an order form where you can give us all the details and also make any special requests.

  • Basic

    Best Fit For…

    – SEOs and Marketers who need high-quality content for their affiliate sites, lead gen sites, and review pages – but aren’t ready for full-service strategic copywriting.

    – This is perfect if you know exactly what you’re looking for, and simply need professional writers to crank out great optimized conversion content that’s ready to publish.

    – Our basic content package bridges the gap between shoddy farmed content and expensive high-level copywriting.

    – Order as many pages as you need, all 100% unique, conversion-focused content written by university graduates who are native English-speakers.

  • Premium

    Best Fit For…

    – SEOs and Marketers who need custom formatting to fit a specific website template, have a complex offer you’re promoting, or need extra help crafting a sales message for your specific market.

    – A better option for homepages, authority sites, custom website templates, landing pages.

    – A customized version of everything included in our Basic Package


    an experienced sales copywriter trained in buyer psychology and persuasion tactics will outline your page, review the final content, and make additional adjustments to maximize conversions

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Get The Basic Package
Get The Premium Package

* You will be redirected to a project form after checkout to complete your order and submit your project details. If you are not redirected, then please contact us at [email protected]

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What's Included?

Choose The Best Option For YOUR Business
Word Count
While we prioritize quality and conversions when creating content, we understand that "thin content" can hurt your SEO efforts and recommend a minimum of 1000 words for any page you wish to rank.
Ready to Publish
Proofread and edited so it's ready to publish
# of revisions included after you review your new content
On-site Optimization
Using Diggity Marketing's Guide to On-Site Optimization we will optimize the content for your target SEO keywords Including: Title, Headings, Topical Relevance, CTAs, and Keyword density
# of Keywords
The number of primary SEO keywords per page you can submit for on-site SEO optimization
Writing Quality
Written by a native English-speaking university graduate. Guaranteed to be 100% unique content with a focus on marketing and conversions.
Custom Layout
Our basic content articles follow a sale message structure designed to lead readers through the natural buying cycle. See examples of this on our About Page. Our Premium content includes customized structure to fit your website and the specific needs of your order.
Conversion Audit
Outlined, reviewed and adjusted by an experienced sales copywriter trained in persuasive conversion tactics and buyer psychology to maximize conversions
Meta Data
Persuasive meta title and description designed to increase CTR and written by a direct sales copywriter
Basic Package
Up to 1000 words
Premium Package
Up to 2500 words
Larry Surinak


Rachel is the best! Since partnering with her, I am receiving more contacts than ever before. She is incredibly responsive and a creative problem solver. What she’s doing is working really well. Rachel has my highest recommendation

Larry Surinak, Surinak Law LTD

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

We know you’ll love your new optimized-conversion content, and we only want to make money if YOU’RE making money.

So if you’re unsatisfied for any reason and DON’T want to keep and publish the content, you can request a complete refund within 72 hours of receiving your order.

And if you need to make changes to your content after it’s delivered?

We include 1 whole round of revisions in your order to make sure it’s designed EXACTLY how you need it to be.  

We also guarantee that we’re committed to protecting the privacy of your niche.

We promise to NEVER share any details about your niche, website, keywords, etc without your direct permission, and we’re happy to sign any non-disclosure agreement you have.

Bernie De Souza


We've engaged them to manage several content projects, including several sales pages for my new book launch, and landing page copy for several of my new ventures. Their content gets results - it's as simple as that. I always send my friends and colleagues who need high-level copywriting to Rachel and her team.

Bernie De Souza, International Speaker and Author

To help out our friends in the SEO community, we’re offering this premium conversion copy at a ridiculously low price as a test for a limited time.  

If you’ve ever hired a successful copywriter (or even an SEO professional) before, you know that getting premium SEO-optimized copy that converts at these prices is an absolute steal

Even better - it pays for itself FAST when you publish to a site with decent traffic and tap into all that money you’ve been leaving on the table all this time.

Peter Murphy


I sensed Rachel’s expertise immediately when she led us in the right direction from day one, making sure we continued what we were already doing well and cleaning up what could be fixed quickly and easily. Beyond fair prices, beyond friendly and trustworthy, and certainly knows her stuff. Recommended.

Peter Murphy, La Bicicleta Verde

Now you you have 3 options...


Option 1:
You can keep using the same basic content you have on your site now.

You may convert some of that hard-earned traffic coming in to your site, but you’ll need to accept that you’re leaving a lot of extra money untapped.

Option 2:
You can use what you learn on this website, SEO training sites, and other copywriting sites to try and improve your conversion content and on-site optimization yourself - testing and analyzing the results over long periods of time.

You’ll need to put in hours and hours of self-directed learned and testing and adjustment. But over time, you CAN learn how to improve rankings and conversions by creating optimized copy yourself.

Option 3:
You can take the easy road to big money and let my team of professional writers use my proven system to do all research, outlining, writing, editing and on-site optimization work for you.

And then you simply publish completely done-for-you pages of optimized conversion content that are designed to transform browsers into buyers - AND - rank on page 1 of search results.

Which of those 3 options is going to be easier for you?

My recommendation? -- Let the experts handle it for you the easy way.

ChiQi Hoopini


Rachel has helped me create a lot of quality content for my online presence. Her skills are adaptable to many design and marketing platforms which has saved me a lot of time and money. She has on many occasions injected new life into stagnant projects and is always prepared to be flexible with requirements. I would highly recommend working with Rachel.

ChiQi Hoopini, Hoop Body Love

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

A.) SEO Professionals who need 100% unique, high-performing content designed to rank on search engines – AND – convert browsers into buyers.
– Perfect for your money sites, authority sites, lead gen sites, or main business website

B.) Business Owners who need expertly crafted ‘done-for-you’ sales copy that will drive relevant traffic to their websites – AND – send them pre-qualified leads.

You won’t find this conversion copy anywhere else. This is high-quality sales copy and content with an SEO twist– written by real-live marketing professionals. Transform website visitors into new sales with conversion copy that’s already been on-site optimized for your target keywords.

How Does It Work?

1.) You answer a few quick questions about your keywords, website and demographic.

2.) A professional marketing copywriter will craft 100% unique, high-quality sales copy designed to convert.

3.) Our On-site SEO Specialists optimize your titles, headings and keyword density so they’re handed over to you primed to rank!

4.) You review and approve the final product – then publish the optimized content to your website, improving organic rankings and conversions the easy way – without having to do any of the hard work yourself.

5.) Your new website copy increases your search engine rankings while sending you new business – saving you time and making you money!

Can You Rewrite My Existing Content?


Rewriting existing content is something we're very familiar with.

After checkout you'll be redirected to an order form where you can fill out all the details for your project. Just make sure to include all of your important keywords there so we can optimize your content for those primary keywords and prioritize them in your headings.

How Do I Know You Won’t Reveal My Niche To Competitors Or Steal My Idea?

First of all, I don’t need your niche.

I have my own business, my own side projects, and simply don’t have time to steal your ideas… nor do I want to.

I also happen to believe in doing business with transparency, integrity and a sense of partnership.

Besides that, we offer a guarantee that we’re 100% committed to protecting your niche!

We promise complete confidentiality and privacy regarding any details you share with us about your niche, website and content. We’re more than happy to sign your NDA or Confidentiality Agreement. We guarantee 100% unique content, and 100% satisfaction with every order.

Why Do So Many Of The Top Industry Experts Recommend You?

Our writers are native English-speaking marketing professionals from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia who only produce high-quality sales content and conversion copy.

We save you time and money by taking care of the on-site optimization for you – each piece of conversion sales content is completely crafted to support your target keywords, including titles, headings, topical relevance and keyword density. 

All of our copy is guaranteed 100% unique – you won’t find any spun content or shoddy content here!

We understand the technical nuances of SEO and on-site optimization, and also have a deep understanding of buyer psychology and marketing. You really can have it all!

Can I See Samples Of Past Work?

Since most of the content we create is for affiliate sites or lead generation sites, we can’t share past work since that would risk exposing our client’s niches to potential competitors or negative SEO.

But -  you can see an example of the quality you’ll receive on our blog. All of the content on our website and our blog articles were created by the SEO Conversion Content team through the same system we use to provide you with high-quality optimized content.

We want you to love your SEO content. If you're not satisfied, we'll make it right - guaranteed.

Can You Write To Match The "Voice" Of My Business?

Yep! Just make sure to specify the style of writing you prefer when you complete your order form after checkout. You can also provide references or links to websites you would like your content to look or sound like. The more info we can give our writers, the better they'll be able to give you exactly what you're looking for.

Can You Write About [Insert Embarrassing and/or Very Technical Niche Here]?

Trust me, we've seen it all.

Unless the topic of your content is illegal, false, or could potentially bring harm to others - you're probably okay.

Can You Create Content To Fit In My Website Template?

Our Basic Content Package follows a "story style" sales message article that leads the reader through the natural buyer's cycle.

If you have a specific WordPress template or page layout, and need us to match the formatting of your current page (example, your homepage) - then choose our Premium Content Package and we'll craft a custom content structure for you.

Still have questions?

Feel free to shoot us a message using the contact form below.



SEO Conversion Content is designed specifically to serve SEO professionals who need high-quality conversion content for websites.

We take SEO content to the next level - providing you with 100% unique content and sales copy written by marketing professionals and completely optimized for your target keywords.