SEO Content By The Numbers – How Much Traffic Is Page 1 REALLY Getting?

How to Use Content to Get to Google Page 1 – Show Me The Numbers

When prospects search for keywords related to your website like “best roofer Milwaukee” – showing up on the first page of Google’s results is critical since 90% of searchers never even make it to page 2.

And page 3? You might as well be in Antarctica!

Getting on page 1 is a huge win for your business, but it may surprise you where these website visitors are clicking — or not clicking.

Do you think they come from organic search listings or the paid ads you see at the top and the sides of a Google search? What kind of internet traffic is going to give you that top result?

Believe it or not, once you’ve gotten that coveted spot on page 1 of Google you still have some work ahead of you. And we’ve got the stats to prove it.

Did you know that 90% of clicks come from Organic Listings?

Of course, there are many elements that impact this data, like what type of keywords you’re targeting, your industry, the level of competition in your local market, etc – but on average organic listings on Google make up 90% of clicks.

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This means that website searchers give organic listings their main focus.

Your best bet for getting that organic listing power is SEO – meaning long-term SEO strategies are your best friend.

10% of Clicks Come From PPC (Pay Per Click) Paid Ads

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The rest of the traffic comes from paid listings. Compare this to the traffic from organic listings and this seems almost insignificant. BUT – paid listings are much easier to get since you’re paying for the placement in front of your target audience.

Paid ads can be very profitable but depend on your budget and how well you’re designing ads.

Even if you have an extremely well designed ad campaign, and a significant budget, you’re still only getting 10% of all clicks! That’s crazy!

Less than 10% of Internet searchers move on to page 2 of search results

This is mindblowing and hard to believe – but think about your own Internet search behavior. How many times have you actually clicked through to the 2nd page of Google search results?

Since Page 1 gets 90% of all Internet traffic, that means thousands and thousands of pages are only getting a fraction of the rest of those website clicks.

internet marketing for electricians

Think about it, when was the last time you clicked that “next” button when you were searching for something online?

Page 2 only gets about 5% of Internet traffic – page 3? Less than 1%

The lesson to be learned here? Go BIG or go home!

The moral of the story is you’ve gotta get yourself on page 1 for targeted keywords that are relevant to your business if you want to get traffic to your website – and have more customers find you online.

Even more important – getting that coveted position as the #1 organic search result means you’ll get 33% OF ALL CLICKS!

That means out of 1,000 people searching for “best Milwaukee electrician” – you can expect 330 website clicks PER MONTH for that single keyword if you’re in position #1 of organic listings.

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Obviously, the top positions in organic search results are EXTREMELY competitive. That’s because listings #1, #2, and #3 are where almost ALL the action (a.k.a. traffic) happens. Beyond these top 3 positions, the rate that people click through to websites drops significantly.

It’s First Or Nothing!

All these numbers can seriously make your head spin – it’s a lot to take in and can seem intimidating. However, it’s essential that you understand how traffic gets to your website as well as the inner workings of Google’s page 1.

So if you’re jumping with joy because you’ve hit position #25 for “best Chicago plumber” – sorry to burst your bubble but you should put away those party balloons and slip that cash to your SEO guy or learn more about using content to fuel your SEO strategy yourself instead.

Then, once you hit that 1st page of Google – you now know you’ll really have something to celebrate! 

Not sure how to get started? We’re here to help!

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