How to Drive Business by Making a Personal Connection With Your Readers

Running a business is no easy endeavor.

You’ve got to deal with marketing, branding, product or service development, accounting – the list goes on and on.

With so many important components to running a successful business, some elements may get pushed to the side.

Such as dedicating time to building a relationship with your audience. Getting them to like, know and trust you so they want to do business with you. We’re talking about making a personal connection with your readers. No, it’s not just another marketing tactic, but a viable way to infuse your brand’s personality into your marketing strategy.

It’s a way to gain trust with your prospects, become an authority in your field, develop your message, and gain repeat customers and referrals.

When you connect with your prospects on an intimate level, you not only increase business but you can effectively become part of your buyers’ identities. They will seek you out as a representative message to the world about who they are. 

There’s no better way to let others know what your business is all about than through the relationship you develop with your customers.

Building a personal connection doesn’t have to take a lot of time or resources, but it can be a great way to get in touch with your prospects on a personal level.

When people start choosing you as a way to connect with the rest of the world, you’re onto something big.

Let’s take a look at some of the effective ways you can build an intimate connection with your prospects.

Use Stories to Show Empathy

As consumers, people are constantly berated with a lot of marketing material. From the radio to television and targeted ads on the Internet, a lot of it can end up sounding the same.

Let this product change the way you see yourself!

Use this service to fix all your problems and make life easy!

Look at this cool new way to do something!

With this constant stream of messages, how do consumers differentiate between one product and another? One way to set yourself apart from the competition is to tell a good story.

Find out what your target market cares about and tell them a story about it. If you can make your prospects feel something, you increase chances they’ll want to do business with you. After all, humans are emotional creatures and it’s the thing that drives us to connect socially.

It’s the same reason why crowd funding can work to change people’s lives. If you can tell an engaging story that captivates your readers and immerses them in emotion, you can get them to act.

Don’t just put your product or service out there and hope for the best. Actively engage your prospects and you may be surprised how much business can increase.

Speak to Your Prospects’ Deepest Core Desires

The key to connecting with your prospects on a deeper level is to understand their core desires. There’s a difference between desires, which are customer wants at the surface level, and core desires – which are what people really want deep in their subconscious.

If you can tap into what’s going on below the surface, you’ll make a stronger connection. Your prospects will feel like you understand them and be more open to your solution.

For example, if you’re running a garbage can cleaning service the surface desire is simply to have clean trash cans. But dig a little deeper and figure out what your prospects really want.

They want clean cans without having to touch all the nasty liquids and rotting stuff in it. Inviting guests over won’t result in embarrassing odors or a bunch of flies around. And they want it all without having to do a thing.

Tailor your marketing strategy to target your prospects’ core desires.

Once you’ve figured out what those are, use your marketing to answer some of these questions:

  • What problem is my prospect experiencing?
  • What does the prospect want to change?
  • How is my solution unique?
  • How have others tried to solve this problem inadequately?
  • What is required from the prospect to take advantage of this solution?

Making sure your marketing addresses these issues is the key to getting prospects to act.

Use Copywriting to Get People to Like, Know, and Trust You

Writing does not have to boring!

Copywriting isn’t like writing a term paper (duh!) where you have to follow all the grammar rules to get an A. So go ahead and toss that book out the window. Your real grade is how you can get prospects to act.

Now is the time to think outside the box. Speak to your prospects like you’re their funny friend. People are drawn to charisma and your copywriting is the perfect place to use that to draw them in.

Don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your copy. Keeping things simple, interesting, and informative is a great way to keep prospects reading.

If you can get readers to like you simply with your words, they’ll take the time to get to know you. And once they test out your product or service, they’ll trust you. What better way to gain customers for life?

Focus Your Message On Them, Not You

Often times, we get wrapped up in running our business and want to tell others how hard we work.

When your business is so personally important, you want that enthusiasm to translate into sales. But you must remember that people aren’t as personally invested in your business as you are.

They’re concerned about different things – like finding a solution to their problem.

When crafting your message, make sure you’re putting yourself in their shoes. Your prospects might appreciate the hard work behind the product, but that is not their foremost concern when seeking you out.

Remember that and you’ll be golden.

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