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At SCC we get a lot of requests to see samples of the optimized conversion copy our team creates. If you’re looking for examples to show the quality of work you’ll receive, you can look right on our blog page!

ALL our blogs here at are created by the SCC team, using the same system that generates high-performance SEO conversion copy for our clients.

This time we’d like to show you a more specific example so you can see how optimized conversion content can be tailored for YOUR website.

Here’s an example of an article written for a business that sells tools to help freelance writers and content marketers. You can see the high-impact areas of this content are optimized for target keywords, including:

  • Title tag
  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2 and Heading 3
  • Content Topical Relevance
  • Keyword density

Keep in mind, our marketing writers will analyze your current content or reference material to match the “voice” of your business – so it fits with your current website copy. You can always request special preferences or requirements if there’s something specific you’d like us to pay attention to.

Once you complete your order via the SCC homepage, you’ll be redirected to an order form where you can give us as much detail as you like so we can craft a 100% unique piece of premium conversion copy for YOUR specific keywords, just like the one you see below.

Do You Make This Embarrassing Freelancer Mistake?

Have you ever worked on a project, got paid, and calculated how much you earned only to find out you barely broke even? After factoring in marketing costs, administrative time, and tax liability – your hourly wage ends up being so low you’re embarrassed to tell anyone.

As freelancers, we have to wear many hats, and as a solo freelancer, it can seem completely overwhelming! For example, just a few of the huge tasks you have to do yourself include:

  • Finding clients and creating an enticing portfolio (marketing)
  • Bidding on projects and convincing clients you are the right fit (sales)
  • Creating clear contracts and giving quotes for project cost (contract administration)
  • Dealing with organizing all the details of your business (administrative tasks)
  • Developing the content until your client is satisfied (editing)
  • Handling financial records and file taxes (accounting)

With so many moving parts to a project, the amount of time you spend on each task can quickly get lost.

Let’s say you spend a few minutes on small administrative duties several times a day. By the end of your project, those minutes have added up to hours.

When it comes to your hard work, you want to get paid for your time! No one works hard not to pay their bills. How else will you keep the roof over your head?

Worse yet, common issues or unforeseen problems may come up during a project that you didn’t include in your quote to the client. So you keep adding on fees to cover your mistakes, or end up dealing with it for free to keep the freelance-client relationship from going sour.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy-to-use tool that helps you quote including the time you spend on miscellaneous duties and accounts for unexpected circumstances? Or a tool that would help you remember all the little details and add in some contingency to cover your butt when something inevitably comes up?

What if this simple tool helped you make sure you never worked without a profit again?

Luckily, there IS a simple and easy solution that helps freelancers account for time spent wearing all those different hats. Not every freelancer is aware of it, but using this tool will set you apart from them.

You’ll be able to give clients accurate quotes at the beginning of the project, which helps you AND the client. They won’t be upset with extra charges thrown in later on and you’ll sleep better at night knowing your time is well spent.

Let’s take a closer look at what this tool can do for your freelancing career.

Here’s How To Get More Money and Save More Time on Your Next Freelance Project

Sally is an ambitious young freelance writer who takes on multiple projects at a time. Sometimes she works on long term projects that last months, and sometimes on shorter projects that last a day or week. A typical work day for her includes working on many projects – switching between them as needed. She also spends her time discussing project details, keeping all project members in the loop, and developing content until her clients are satisfied.

Sally knows she works about 45 hours per week, but when she calculates the billable time spent on her projects, it only adds up to 35 hours per week. Where have those missing 10 hours gone?

Sally feels alarmed when she realizes over the course of a month, she has lost 40 unaccounted hours – the equivalent of working a full week for free!

This seems to keep happening to her month after month, even when she adjusts for different costs. Each new project brings a novel issue that eat away at her profit margins.

One time, she worked with a foreign client and lost out on the exchange rate because she wasn’t careful. Another time, the client asked for so many revisions she had to turn away other projects.

One project’s beginning date was repeatedly delayed so she sat around waiting, afraid to take on new work and becoming overloaded. 

Worst of all, after she factored in her tax liability and personal health care payments, she was barely breaking even! 

How could she possibly work SO HARD and end up NEARLY BROKE every single month?

She desperately needed help.

That’s why the discovery of Acme Co.’s freelance quote tool was a god-send. With this simple and easy-to-use spreadsheet, Sally was able to factor in all her unforeseen expenses from the beginning before even starting a project. This quote spreadsheet covered her bases from the start, which cleared up sticky situations and kept her from being taken advantage of from new clients. 

She no longer spends hours putting together quotes that didn’t get her paid. Now, she can focus on what matters to her – writing (you know… what she’s actually supposed to be doing to provide great service to her clients). 

That’s why this helpful spreadsheet can help you avoid the same mistakes Sally made.  Don’t lose out on your hard-earned money and mess up on quoting to clients again.

This easy-to-use tool gets your business expenses covered and leaves you with profits that not only allow you to maintain a good standard of living but helps you finance the expansion of your business.

It requires no special skills and doesn’t cost thousands of dollars like other custom tools.

Take a look at how this spreadsheet can transform the way you do business!

How to Track and Budget Expenses Even If You’re Not Good With Numbers – So You NEVER Underquote a Client Again!

The quote spreadsheet is a tool designed for freelancers to cover the costs of their projects, account for unforeseen costs in common situations, and makes the quoting process simple and easy. 

Forget the hours of time it took you to figure how much a project might cost and feel confident about the quote you give to new clients! Not only is it easy to use, it’s easy for clients to understand – making both of you feel secure. This tool saves you time and makes you appear more professional from the very beginning.

Some of the invaluable information that comes with the package includes:

  • The two MOST IMPORTANT things you need to know when calculating your base costs
  • How to make sure you don’t make mistakes in quoting, and how to fix it if you do
  • Dealing with international clients and how to make sure you don’t make mistakes
  • Making sure you get paid and aren’t left empty handed
  • The expense every freelancer forgets to charge for

Here are some quotes from freelance professionals that have used this tool for their business:

“This spreadsheet has made quoting a breeze. I don’t have to waste time questioning if I’d forgotten something or if I let how I feel affect the quote. Every freelancer should use it!” – Sara, Acme Inc.

“…I struggled a lot with giving client quotes and didn’t take into account a lot of things that came up. This tool takes the guesswork out of the process so I can move on to my other work. It’s saved me tons of time and helps maintain profits so I can expand my business.” – Joe, Acme Industries

Join other satisfied freelancers and save time and money using this tool designed for freelancers.
Here’s how!

Find Out Where Your Time and Effort Really Goes With This Simple Quote Tool – and Make Sure You Get Paid For Your Time!

Ask yourself how much this tool could be worth to you? Rather than spend another month losing out on profits, take some cash and invest it in your business instead!

The simple and easy-to-use quote tool is priced affordably at just $89.

Ordering is easy. Visit the website, create an account, and enter your payment information. Your access to the spreadsheet will be immediate!

The best part is if you aren’t completely satisfied with the quote spreadsheet and don’t feel it changes the way you do business, get a quick no-hassle refund up to 90 days after your purchase! It really is as simple as that.

Right now you have several options. You can either:

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing and wondering why you’re not making more
  2. Pay a consultant exponentially higher fees to look at how you’re charging and pinpoint problem areas
  3. Or you can buy this simple quote spreadsheet and see how you can quote new clients with confidence.

The answer is simple.

Click here now to start saving time and effort, and boost your earnings with ACME Co’s freelancers’ easy quote spreadsheet!