What Kind Of Content Does Your Business Need?

SCC bridges the gap between shoddy content-factories and expensive boutique copywriters. 

Of course - no one wants spun articles from content farms that sound like they're written by a robot still learning the finer nuances of the English language - even if they do only cost $2 a pop!

And most experienced copywriters charge anywhere from $2000 - $5000 PER SALES PAGE at a minimum.
They can charge these rates because they know their persuasive sales copy will bring in 20x that amount.

But not everyone is ready to invest in strategic high-level sales copy at those prices - we know we weren't when we started our first affiliate and lead gen sites!

So we've developed a content planning and editing system that allows the marketing writers at SCC to tap into professional copywriting expertise and produce great conversion content at much more affordable prices.

We offer 2 different levels of service so you can get exactly what you need - no matter what stage of growth your business is currently at.

  • Basic

    Best Fit For…

    – SEOs and Marketers who need high-quality content for their affiliate sites, lead gen sites, and review pages – but aren’t ready for full-service strategic copywriting.

    – This is perfect if you know exactly what you’re looking for, and simply need professional writers to crank out great optimized conversion content that’s ready to publish.

    – Our basic content package bridges the gap between shoddy farmed content and expensive high-level copywriting.

    – Order as many pages as you need, all 100% unique conversion content written by university graduates who are native English-speakers.

  • Premium

    Best Fit For…

    – SEOs and Marketers who need custom formatting to fit a specific website template, have a complex offer you’re promoting, or need extra help crafting a sales message for your specific market.

    – A better option for homepages, authority sites, custom website templates, landing pages.

    – Everything included in our Basic Package
    an experienced sales copywriter trained in buyer psychology and persuasion tactics will outline your page, review the final content, and make additional adjustments to maximize conversions

What's Included?

Choose The Best Option For YOUR Business
Word Count
While we prioritize quality and conversions when creating content, we understand that "thin content" can hurt your SEO efforts and recommend a minimum of 1000 words for any page you wish to rank.
Ready to Publish
Proofread and edited so it's ready to publish
# of revisions included after you review your new content
On-site Optimization
Using Diggity Marketing's Guide to On-Site Optimization we will optimize the content for your target SEO keywords Including: Title, Headings, Topical Relevance, CTAs, and Keyword density
# of Keywords
The number of primary SEO keywords per page you can submit for on-site SEO optimization
Writing Quality
Written by a native English-speaking university graduate. Guaranteed to be 100% unique content with a focus on marketing and conversions.
Custom Layout
Our basic content articles follow a sale message structure designed to lead readers through the natural buying cycle. See examples of this on our About Page. Our Premium content includes customized structure to fit your website and the specific needs of your order.
Conversion Audit
Outlined, reviewed and adjusted by an experienced sales copywriter trained in persuasive conversion tactics and buyer psychology to maximize conversions
Meta Data
Persuasive meta title and description designed to increase CTR and written by a direct sales copywriter
Basic Package
Up to 1000 words
Premium Package
Up to 2500 words

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

* You will be redirected to a project form after checkout to complete your order and submit your project details. If you are not redirected, then please contact us at [email protected]

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What Is Premium SEO Optimized Conversion Copy?

These articles are NOT your average "content farm" filler content. These are high-quality marketing articles written by native English-speaking writers trained in persuasive conversion tactics and buyer psychology.
Each one is edited by a professional sales copywriter to make sure it's conversion-focused.

Guaranteed to be 100% unique and better than anything you'd get from a content factory, these articles are created using real human marketing brains  - NOT spun content sneakily tweaked to pass Copyscape.

Best of all? The title, headings, content and keyword density are all completely optimized for your target keywords. These babies are ready to rank!


SEO Conversion Content is specifically designed to serve SEO professionals who need high-quality conversion content for websites.

We take SEO content to the next level - providing you with 100% unique content and sales copy written by marketing professionals and completely optimized for your target keywords.


We’re committed to protecting your niche!
We promise complete confidentiality and privacy regarding any details you share with us about your niche, website and content. We’re more than happy to sign your NDA or Confidentiality Agreement. We guarantee 100% unique content with every order.

For complete information about our satisfaction guarantee, please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing:  Seoconversioncontent.com/terms-of-service


Looking for sample articles before you buy?

All of the content on our website and our blog articles were created by the SEO Conversion Content team through the same system we use to provide you with high-quality optimized content.

For specific examples, look for our blog articles titled "Conversion Copy Sample"


If you have any questions or would like to check the status of your order, please contact us.