Can You Use Your Content As Sales Copy?

Will General Marketing Content Work As Sales Copy?

A friend of mine runs a cafe that serves some of the best coffee in the city (I might be a little biased, but really, it’s dang good coffee). We were talking business a while ago, and she mentioned that her clientele is mostly made up of regulars.

While it’s great to have those regulars, she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t getting more new customers.

Sound familiar?

I asked about her website, and she pulled it up on her phone. All of the information you’d need to know if you wanted to visit the cafe was there, but the words on the site were not selling me.

Whether you run a brick and mortar business, an online store, or provide a service, you can benefit from words that sell, AKA marketing content and sales copy.

At SEO Conversion Content, that’s what we do: create content and copy that brings customers to you!

I hear you wondering, “aren’t content and copy the same thing?”

There are definite similarities, but they’re not the same. In this post we’re going to dive into the main differences so you can decide which type of writing fits your needs.

What’s the difference between Content Marketing and Copywriting?

The names get used interchangeably, but they are different.

Content marketing is kind of like journalism’s cousin.

It aims to engage, inform, and educate the audience while establishing the author as an authority in their niche. It is not trying to get the reader to do anything in that moment. The “content” in content marketing can refer to blog posts, ebooks, articles, and even videos.

Copywriting has one goal: to get the reader to act.

A copywriter wants you to read what they’ve written and do something. Whether it’s making a purchase or hitting the “subscribe” button, it should inspire action.

You’ve almost certainly watched a YouTube video or read a blog post that qualifies as content marketing. Whether it’s a makeup artist demonstrating a new palette or a mechanic comparing two sets of wrenches, they’re giving you information about the products while establishing themselves as an authority in that area.

And if you’ve ever purchased anything online, you’ve definitely read copy.

From product descriptions online to the information on the back of the shampoo bottle that promises glistening hair, it’s all copy –  and it’s designed to get to you put it in your cart immediately.

Let’s look at an example of how one business can use both types of marketing.

A shopper is looking for knitting needles and is looking at a set on your website, Sue’s Knitting Shop.

You want the information on your site, particularly the descriptions of your products, to compel them to purchase. Now isn’t the time for stories or shareable content. The customer needs to know why they shouldn’t knit another thing until they have a set of your knitting needles.

But let’s say Sue’s Knitting Shop has a blog and YouTube channel. Those platforms are perfect for content marketing.

If you’re Sue and you decide that you want to discuss the differences between wooden knitting needles and metal ones, you could share that information in a YouTube video or a blog post. No matter which platform you choose, you’d be providing valuable information and building your reputation as a knitting aficionado.

They’re both important, but like a lot of things, there is a time and place for each of them.

How to choose the RIGHT type of writing (content vs. copy)

If they’re both necessary, does it really matter which style of writing you choose?


Many writers can do both, but they do require two different sets of skills.

A copywriter can write compelling copy that makes people want to buy, but they may not be a great storyteller.

A content marketer will be able to tell stories and convey information in a way that is terrifically readable, but they may not be a great salesperson.

When you’re trying to sell the knitting needles mentioned earlier, you don’t need a long article about wooden needles. You need a sales page that tells your reader about these specific needles and why they’re a necessity. A copywriter will be able to do just that.

But if you decide that you want to create a blog to accompany your shop, it’s time to find a content marketer. They’ll be able to create informative posts that are enjoyable to read, easy to share and establish you as an authority on knitting.

So, how do you know which type of writer you need? It’s actually pretty easy.

Start by thinking about what you’re trying to accomplish:

  • If you’re looking for an immediate, specific response from your audience, you need a copywriter.
  • If you don’t want or need a quick response, you likely want a content marketer.
  • If you want to tell shareable stories related to your business and you’re looking to spend time establishing yourself in your niche, you’re definitely looking for a content marketer.

Need some help with your content or sales copy?

If your copy or content isn’t getting the job done, we can help. Our team of experts work with you to create content and copy that lands you higher in search results, meaning more traffic and more sales.

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Choose wisely.

When you’re trying to turn website visitors into customers, you have a lot of options. Some are really effective, while others are so mediocre, you’ll wonder why you even bothered.

Our services provide expertly written content created just for you. It doesn’t get more effective than that!

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