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At SCC we aim to fill a gap in the market - building a bridge between the spun content spit out by shoddy content-farms, and expensive sales copy produced by boutique copywriting agencies.

Our content is designed specifically to serve SEO professionals and affiliate marketers who need high-quality content that converts - AND - ranks well on search results.

We take SEO content to the next level - providing you with 100% unique content and sales copy written by native English-speaking marketing professionals that's optimized for your target SEO keywords.

We're always looking for better ways to serve our friends and community - we'd love to hear from you if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions that would make your business life easier.

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Here's How It Works

SCC is run by sales copywriters and SEO professionals who understand the nuances of SEO, lead generation and affiliate marketing.

Our content has helped hundreds of affiliate and lead generation websites rank and convert across various niches. We've also helped some of the top names in the industry increase their conversions and flip affiliate websites well into the 6 figures.

As active members of the SEO community, we often find even the most successful SEOs struggle to create (or even find!) high-quality content that successfully brings in new business. And in turn, many content marketers don't know how to optimize their copy for SEO!

After many friends in the community reached out seeking content help for their client and niches sites, we created SEO Conversion Content specifically for affiliate marketers and SEOs looking to increase their organic search engine rankings.

The team at SCC uses Diggity Marketing's detailed Guide to On-site Optimization to make sure all of our crafted conversion copy is designed to convert browsers into buyers - AND - rank easily on Google and other search engines.

We know that expensive, full-service sales copywriting isn't a good fit for every business and budget, which is why our team of writers at SCC uses tested and proven templates to offer high-quality content at more affordable prices.

Get paid for every friend you refer to SCC!

We know you'll LOVE your new content, and will probably want to tell all your friends and colleagues! So why not earn a commission every time you share?

We have an affiliate program that pays you a "finder's fee" for any business you send us.


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Looking for samples of our work?

All of the content on our website and our blog articles were created by the SEO Conversion Content team through the same system we use to provide you with high-quality optimized content. You can also see niche-specific examples by looking for any articles titled: "Conversion Copy Sample"

Here are a few:

Real Estate
Local Service-Based Client
Weight Loss
Info Product
Long-form Sales Page

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About SCC

Our conversion rates more than doubled!

- Jason S., 5 Tales

Increased Click Through Rate 166.2%

- Stinus H., Copenhagen SEO

The best quality and customer service by far!

- Joel S., Listy Digital

Their content gets results - it's as simple as that.

- Bernie de Souza, Business Coach and Author

Our Core Team

Jean Lee - Operational Manager

Jean keeps all of our projects moving forward and running smoothly. She's been with us from day 1 at SCC, and has an incredible talent for stepping up to the plate when asked to "just figure it out."

Jean is the linchpin of our team at SCC  - managing everything from content creation, copywriting, editing, social media, and even training new writers.

When this creative entrepreneur isn't polishing content 'til it shines or keeping the plates spinning at SCC, she can be found indulging her passion for travel and country living in the USA.

Jason Berkely - Lead Writer

The Australian writer and entrepreneur originally joined the team as a freelance technical writer and subject matter expert. After a year of helping the team develop marketing material and content assets for our Premium clients, Jason now helps us as our lead content creator and editor at SCC.

Jason is an invaluable part of our team, and continually impresses with his ability to produce huge volumes of high-quality original content. When he’s not crafting engaging content that converts, Jason can be found traveling, teaching, and enjoying time with his family in Moscow.

Jason and Jean are supported by a team of native English-speaking writers from the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK.

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SEO Conversion Content is designed specifically to serve SEO professionals who need high-quality conversion content for websites.

We take SEO content to the next level - providing you with 100% unique content and sales copy written by marketing professionals and completely optimized for your target keywords.


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We promise complete confidentiality and privacy regarding any details you share with us about your niche, website and content. We’re more than happy to sign your NDA or Confidentiality Agreement. We guarantee 100% unique content with every order.

For complete information about our satisfaction guarantee, please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing:  Seoconversioncontent.com/terms-of-service


Looking for sample articles before you buy?

All of the content on our website and our blog articles were created by the SEO Conversion Content team through the same system we use to provide you with high-quality optimized content.

For specific examples, look for our blog articles titled "Conversion Copy Sample"